Thursday, January 7, 2010

How did motor oil get in the radiator /?

engine runs fine no overheatingHow did motor oil get in the radiator /?
I would like to know how engine oil gets in a radiator from a head gasket leak. I have always seen it the other way around ,water in oil.I would have to agree oil cooler in the radiator is leaking. pull radiator and take to radiator shop. Cracked head would put water in oil, cracked block, water in oil.How did motor oil get in the radiator /?
if its engine oil its a blown headgasket. Tranny fluid radiator
There are only three ways motor oil can get into your cooling system. One is you overheated the engine and blew the head gasket. Two is you overheated the engine and cracked the head. Three you overheated the engine and cracked the engine block. But more than likely you blew the head gasket.
maybe the head gasket leaked
i agree with the head gasket to a point but if no performance reduction i would say check the intake mantifold gasket it has coolant ports that run through it and the oil all around it
Is it engine oil or transmission oil? Transmission oil could come from radiator/trans cooler. Engine oil from valve guides? What car is engine in?
It would help if you would specify the year, make and model of your vehicle. But in answer to your question, the only thing I can think of would be your engine oil cooler, if your vehicle is equipped with one.
If nobody poured it in there you have either a leaky EGR valve gasket or a bad head gasket. most of the time you get water in the oil; is your oil level going down?
this one is virtually impossible to answer without knowing make/ model/year/ engine. engine oil cooler internally leaking is a good possibility. head gasket is very good, too. tranny cooler in radiator is also good. seen all of these go bad. but we cant help if you are gonna keep what kind of car it is a secret.
if someone didn't put it there i'd say you have a blown head gasket. check oil and see if it is milky looking or water spots on dip stick if so theres your problem.
Head gasket..... to check remove radiator cap (when cold) and start engine then see if water back flushes and bubbles up. Unless someone added oil to the radiator....did you just purchase the vehicle?

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